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Zen Panda | Ashwagandha Supplement | 1-A-Day for Stress and Sleep Management

All Day support for stress, anxiety, and sleep support.

Zen Panda is an all-natural, clinically validated, patent pending Prolanza™, the first Ashwagandha with 20+ bioactive that helps with stress reduction, improving sleep quality, improving memory & focus, and overall well-being. Prolanza™ study provides evidence for its bioavailability and its sustained release formulation for up to 12-hour stress management support with a single daily capsule.

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    Helps with stress reduction, improving sleep quality, improving memory & focus and overall wellbeing to name a few. Ashwagandha with many adaptogenic benefits, also helps in boosting stamina, energy, immunity, fertility, testosterone, and reproductive health, and promotes healthy aging.

    Best taken with water in the morning after breakfast. For best results maintain consistency in daily intake.

    Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant, lactating, trying to conceive, taking medication or have a medical condition. As certified by the experts panel (saGRAS), the the ingredients present in golden hug/ zen panda are safe at the recommended dose of one capsule a day.

    Zen Panda is created using highest quality international standards, is third-party tested for purity and contains only all-natural, food-grade, clean-label ingredients.

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    No nasties
    All-day support
    Scientifically proven
    Made in India
    World’s only SUSTAINED RELEASE & BROAD SPECTRUM ashwagandha
    1-A-Day dose
    Zen Panda contains 20+ bioactives which are slowly released over a around 12 hours period to provide complete benefits with just a single daily capsule of 300mg.
    Zen Panda is free of any artificial chemicals and is created using all-natural, food-grade ingredients.
    Clinically validated
    Not just Zen Panda’s slow release profile but its health benefits have been clinically validated.
    World’s only SUSTAINED RELEASE & BROAD SPECTRUM Ashwagandha
    Let the zen in to take the stress out
    Zen Panda uses Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng or winter cherry), a potent adaptogen that can help reduce stress naturally; making you feel happier, calmer while enhancing your overall well being.
    All day stress support
    Zen Panda helps in reduction of stress by significantly reducing feelings of nervousness, stress & anger and improves feeling of being in control.
    Improves sleep quality
    Zen Panda has been researched to show significant improvement in various aspects affecting sleep quality; such as reduction in time to get sleep and reduction in sleep disturbance.
    Supports Cognitive Health
    Zen Panda boosts cognition by improving visual memory & new learning, sharpening mental focus and enhancing concentration.
    Enhance overall well being
    Zen Panda has been clinically validated to show an improvement in personal happiness . A high happiness quotient is shown to boost the immune system, improving behavioural motivation & maintaining overall health.
    A masterful single dose to awaken the zen in you
    World's only full-spectrum, clinically validated Ashwagandha that gives you all day support in one capsule.
    Backed by science at every step
    Clinical validation is the hallmark for product development at Nature & Thought
    Sustained release study*
    We have clinically validated the 1-A-Day, single capsule of Zen Panda to provide all-day release of withanolides. You can therefore be assured to enjoy all the benefits of nature’s most wonderful adaptogen throughout your day.
    *Submitted for Publication
    Memory and stress study*
    Zen Panda benefits have been clinically studied and validated for stress management, improvement of sleep quality, improvement in memory and focus . Study subjects also reported an improvement in their overall happiness with a 83.4% higher probability of controlling stress.
    *Submitted for Publication
    We know you have questions

    You just need to take 1-A-Day dose at any time of the day. For best results, it is recommended to have it the morning after breakfast.

    Yes, various clinical studies and medical trials have indicated that Ashwagandha can be taken by both men and women and can deliver health benefits to both. Note that women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or who are breastfeeding, should take ashwagandha only after consulting their physician.

    Stress and anxiety can lead to sleeping problems like insomnia, sleep apnea and can make existing problems worse. At the same time, poor sleep hygeine may lead to you feeling even more stressed out, emotionally exhausted, and angrier than usual creating a vicious cycle. After all, there’s a reason it’s said that someone in a bad mood “woke up on the wrong side of the bed".

    It is unlikely, as ashwagandha from Zen Panda have not shown such symptoms during our clinical trials. Those taking blood pressure medication should consult a physician before taking Zen Panda.

    Ashwagandha from Zen Panda is not reported to cause weight gain However, it may increase lean muscle mass, although it is not reported to increase body fat percentage.

    Yes, Zen Panda can be taken with water, with milk, mixed into other liquids, and taken in other ways.

    Zen Panda contains Ashwagandha extract, and in the clinical trial, there were no side effects reported in individuals who took it for 90 days. Thus, there are no safety concerns for Zen Panda when taken in recommended dose. Also, it does not have any synthetic excipients, which adds to the safety profile.

    Zen Panda uses Ashwagandha which is derived completely from the root as it contains the highest levels of Withanolides, the major active phytochemicals in Ashwagandha.

    Yes, Zen Panda is developed using ashwagandha root extract and contains only diet sourced excipients which are not only vegetarian but also suitable for a vegan diet.

    Withanolides are group of bioactive compounds found in the Ashwagandha plant. They are the major contributors to the multiple health promoting effects of Ashwagandha such as reducing stress, improving sleep quality etc.

    Withanlodies have a short half-life which means they are eliminated from the body very quickly (1-2 hours) and therefore their benefits wear off long before the next dose is due. Our long-lasting benefits extend from the first dose to the next eliminating gaps in benefits.
    More questions? Find answers on our FAQs page

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Urvi Parekh
    Amazing products

    I have been having the turmeric and Ashwagandha pills and have been giving them to my dad as well and am very happy with both the products.

    Vishal Shah

    Great effective products

    Abhishek Khedkar
    I feel smarter!

    I tried Zen Panda after a colleague recommended the same to me. She reported feeling super calm & completely in control. My work involves a lot of creativity and I thought of giving it a shot. After consuming ZP for a significant time period, I saw a change in the way my creative juices flow. Ideas seemed to come to me easily and I was much more at ease. Zen Panda is a great supplement & I definitely recommend everyone to give it a shot!

    priyanka Pereira
    In ‘Zen Mode’

    I bought Zen Panda with two things in mind - to calm me down and to improve my quality of sleep. After taking it for more than a month I can definitely say that it’s helped me with both. Because of his sustained release I can definitely see myself dealing better with stressful situations and I have stopped waking up several times during the night. I sleep like a baby :)

    Punit Thakkar
    Improved my sleep

    Ive been taking ashwagandha tablets since 2 months and i have felt a visible change in the quality of my sleep.
    Also i think its helped calm me down.
    Highly recommend to give this a try